Pennsylvania Avenue National Historic Site - Washington DC

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Pennsylvania Avenue National Historic Site
Photo of Pennsylvania Avenue National Historic Site courtesy NPS

Pennsylvania Avenue is certainly among the world's most famous streets. While the Avenue serves work-a-day Washington as a major east-west transit route, it is known the world over as the heart of the Nation's Capital. America's history has marched, paraded, promenaded, and protested its way up and down the Avenue. The Nation celebrates the election of a president every four years with a parade on the Avenue, while other national heroes and foreign leaders have been honored with parades and motorcades there as well. It is no wonder that Pennsylvania Avenue is called the "Avenue of the Presidents" and "America's Main Street." The Avenue is truly more than just another city street, it is, rather, America's Ceremonial Way, the place where the Nation comes to commemorate its tragedies and triumphs.

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