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Thomas Stone National Historic Site
Photo of Thomas Stone National Historic Site courtesy NPS

The story of Thomas Stone is not just the story of man who signed the Declaration of Independence. It is about a peace loving man, who only after realizing he had no further options for peace, pledged his life, fortune, and sacred honor toward the vision of an independent America. It is about a devoted family man who took in six other family members upon the death of his father, and when his wife became gravely ill, put his national aspirations on hold to spend more time with her and their children. Finally it is a story of love, a love of the land and the area that held a family here for 165 years, having generations grow up, work the land, and then choosing to spend their eternity buried in its welcoming grasp. When you visit Thomas Stone National Historic Site, you are truly taking a step back in time. Whether it is the restored manor house, or the collection of 19th century outbuildings,or just the quiet and solitude, there is something for everyone here. Come spend some time here and learn of this hidden jewel in the national park system.

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