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Women's Rights National Historical Park
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As a thirty-two year old mother of three, Elizabeth Cady Stanton felt like a "caged lioness" trapped and isolated in her home. When she shared her frustration with a group of Quaker abolitionists on July 9th, 1848, the other women not only agreed, but also demanded immediate action. Ten days later in the Wesleyan Chapel of Seneca Falls, New York, they held the First Women's Rights Convention in American history. While women have achieved greater equality with the vote, property rights and education, the revolution continues throughout the world today. Find out how it all began at Women's Rights National Historical Park.

The park consists of four major historical properties and a state of the art Visitor Center. Start at the Visitor Center where you can view our inspirational film and exhibits. Continue to the Wesleyan Chapel and imagine being a participant at the First Women's Rights Convention. Next, take a tour of the Elizabeth Cady Stanton home where she raised seven children and created a movement. In nearby Waterloo, the park continues to restore the historic M'Clintock and Hunt homes which open to the public only on special occasions.

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